About Global Markets

In 2012 AARAA MARKETING recognised a need for a financially secure and commercially astute company to provide sophisticated, independent and multi-asset investment management from within the GCC. To meet this need, the AARAA MARKETING Global Markets (GM) team was established to deliver a unique investment service.

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Why Global Markets

Global Markets provides the perfect bridge from the Middle East into Europe and Asia, handling transactions into and out of each market. AARAA MARKETING strength in the GCC and wider region links with the skill and track record of the team across international markets allowing clients to achieve their investment goals.

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Global Market's comprehensive research covers the following assets: Private and publicly traded securities, Fixed income, sukuk, convertible bonds, CDS,Commodities.The GM team provides clients with multiple ways to strategize, execute, and track securities transactions in regional and international markets.

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AARAA MARKETING created by the group of traders and analysts. Today we are one of the most perspective investment companies. We have developed the insight to adapt our investment strategy to all kinds of conditions with three goals in mind: preservation of capital, consistent asset growth and superior performance in ever-changing market environments.

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